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1. What does The Veterans Benefit Outreach Program charge to speak to a representative?

There is no charge or fee to consult with us about this program. Federal Regulations prohibit such charges for assisting in a Veterans Administration Pension or Compensation Application.

2. What is the process involved in determining eligibility for benefits?

All government programs have their own eligibility requirements and criteria for determining if an applicant qualifies for benefits. Some of these programs have very precise qualifications and others are more discretionary. We will do an analysis of your qualifications by asking you a number of questions to see if the applicant may be eligible. If the applicant does meet the basic qualifications we will encourage you to apply and provide you with the required forms and instructions.

3. Is the Veterans Benefit Outreach Program part of the Veterans Administration or a related government agency?

No. The Veterans Benefit Outreach Program is a privately owned financial services company that specializes in helping senior citizens meet their needs in regard to assisted living and home care.

4. Can The Veterans Benefit Outreach Program help me in a care provider selection process?

Absolutely. We work with well recommended assisted living communities, in-home care agencies, nursing homes, and professional care advisors. We would be more than happy to refer you and help you through this process.

5. How does The Veterans Benefit Outreach Program benefit from this free service?

Many of the families that we help through this process find that a financial plan that we develop can improve their own personal situations as well. We are a financial services company and many of the children of clients we help with benefits choose to protect themselves against future long-term care expenses by purchasing insurance products designed for that purpose. The Veterans Benefit Program is paid by the companies with whom we deal and not by the family in such cases. Your family receives the same level of service from us regardless of whether you have a need for these products or not. We are first and foremost a free service and committed to the community that referred you to us.

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